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    Threat | Neutralizr - The Best Wireless Security Camera & Non-Lethal Security System For Homes, Businesses & Churches


    Business Insider calls the Security industry a hidden giant. The U.S. physical security industry is growing at 8% and market forecasts predict a $51.38 billion market by 2023. The overall security industry in the U.S. has topped $350 billion with $282 billion spent in the private sector and $69 billion spent by the federal government.


    A business plan is essential to the success of a threat security company. This allows you to plan ahead for issues that might arise, as well as, help you develop a goal for growth. When seeking additional funding, applying for business credit, or attracting top-level employees this can play a major role.

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      Neutralizr is the best wireless security camera & non-lethal active security system for homes, businesses & churches.


      Average Annual Gross Revenue of $867,000.00 with low initial investment required starting at $74,500.00. Owners enjoy high potential ROI and 3-month breakeven point. Unlock your full potential to earn $$ and be successful owning and operating your own business in your market territory. 


      Neutralizr is a compact, easy to install, technically advanced (AI), and smartphone controlled self-defense system. Neutralizr has X-Factor to thwart the strongest criminals immediately. It is the best active non-lethal defense system that out-performs any other non-lethal defense systems.


      Neutralizr device – a wireless security camera with non-lethal defensive options – utilizes powerful state-of-the-art surveillance, that upon activation, deploys total surprise, disorienting light, and paralyzing chemicals to debilitate and capture a perpetrator/criminal suspect safely.


      Leave work every day knowing you helped someone stay safe and protect their love ones. It doesn’t get any better than that!


      Expand your reach to business contacts in your community and neighboring communities. Our large Exclusive territory sizes amplify your opportunities to grow your business and make $$.


      You’re free to concentrate on furthering the growth of your business thanks to ongoing support with sales, marketing, operations, management and finance.

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      Affordable Businesss

      You don’t need an enormous personal net worth to get into our business. With low cost of entry and a strong finance program, most people can afford this opportunity. Learn more.

      Low Competition

      Most competitors in non-lethal defense field are small. Plus, independently owned businesses can’t match Neutralizr when it comes to infrastructure and technology. Being part of a national brand affords many advantages for franchisees.

      High Profit Margins

      Since this is a consulting-based business, your overhead as a franchisee is very low compared to other franchise offerings. Higher profit margins mean you can reinvest earnings back into your business and expand your operation over time while increasing your bottom line.

      Increasing Demand

      According to Alarm System Report, over 2 million home burglaries are reported in the United States each year and Non-lethal defense system has become the choice of protection for home-owners and renters because of it’s size, cost, and availability.

      Industry Experience

      Neutralizr leadership team has over 35 years of experience in this industry and we know what it takes for new franchises to get off to a strong start. We back our franchisees every step of the way.

      Top Support Systems

      Neutralizr support systems give franchisees a huge advantage over competitors in their marketplace. We set our franchisees up for growth from day one with our Sales Kick-Start Program, billing support, and Cash Flow Program.


      Join the security system industry with the best wireless security camera & active non-lethal security system. Complete the form below and become a Neutralizr distributor today.



        Neutralizr | The Best Wireless Security Camera & Non-Lethal Security System For Homes, Businesses & Churches

        Non-Lethal Defense System

        NEUTRALIZR allows people the option to install a powerful non-lethal self-defense solution that fits their needs. People can access their security cameras and activate the defense system from their smartphones.

        • Real-time surveillance direct to your smartphone for identification and device activation
        • 1,200 lumen LED stun light, laser assist
        • Remote activation via smartphone
        • Die marking debilitating chemical spray effective up to 40 ft.
        • EPA approved, safe, high-grade, lab tested active defense ingredients
        • AI enhanced CPU can also be added to ensure intruders can not circumvent the defense mechanism

        Increase your home security, business security, and church security with Neutralizr.

        What Our Customer Says?

        “The CINTINC “Neutralizr” has proven to be invaluable to me, personally and professionally. Unlike many in their industry, they’re true to their word, their products are quality and work very well, better than advertised.

        I’ve seen their “Neutralizr” system work first-hand, and I *almost* felt sorry for the unlucky perpetrator who decided their actions to break in needed to be ‘curbed’ on my property – and ‘curbed’ they were. He went down in about a second, incapacitated, and no longer showed any intentions or ability to carry out whatever it was he came to do on my property, leaving plenty of time for law enforcement to show up and take the situation from there.

        If you’re looking for a non-lethal security system, let the Cintinc “Neutralizr” be at the top of your consideration. Their staff is top-notch and should be the bar of which all others should aspire to. If ratings were a mark of measurement, I’d give the CINTINC “Neutralizr” system a solid 15/10 – a must-have, rock-solid system from an American-based company.

        I wish I were getting a commission for this review, but letting others know just what I’ve found with the CINTINC “Neutralizr” has been nothing short of awesome, and it’s something I’d like to reward with others getting to know them as well.”


        Tampa, Florida




        One of the first things you need to do when creating the company is to determine what the name will be. You need a name that is clear, easy to remember, easy to type, and one that is available.

        When picking a name:

        • Make sure the domain name is available.
        • Make sure there isn’t a trademark for it.
        • Make sure that the name isn’t used by any other companies (generally states require that the name be unique within the state, but if a company in another state is using the same name, it’ll create complications with the IRS).
        • Check the individual words to ensure that nothing is offensive in other languages.
        • Check to see if the name is available on social media.

        This is a name that will be your brand, your signature, your face to the world – make sure it’s good.


        When creating a company, the state that it will be created in has a large impact on taxes, fees, banking, the level of protection you have as an individual, and many other things. Each state has unique rules & laws that apply to companies, and you will need to understand how they impact you. If you don’t have any partners (or all of your partners are in the same state as you), the simplest solution is to create the company in your state – it has the least risk of trouble in the future, and keeps things as simple as possible.


        There are two primary legal types of interest in the United States, and each has advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to research the options, as this decision will have substantial impact on you, business partners, and any future investors. Each state has its own laws that define these entity types, and as such, what makes sense in one state may not make any sense in another – you will need to understand how these laws impact you for the state you are creating your company in.

        The two primary types are:

        • Limited Liability Company (LLC) – A LLC provides a shield to minimize exposure to liability as a result of the business. There are some limits to this protection, but in most cases you are protected as long as you operate the business in good faith. This is the simplest structure, has flexible federal tax options, and often has less expenses.
        • Corporation (Corp., Inc., etc.) – Corporate structures allow the company to raise money by issuing stock, has a more complex management structure, often has more complex reporting requirements, and may result in a more complex tax situation. There are cases where this structure makes sense, but if you are starting a consulting firm, this probably isn’t the structure you want to use.


        There are a lot of options for accounting software, with popular choices being QuickBooks and FreshBooks, this is something you’ll want to setup on the first day of the new business. You’ll want to keep track of all of your expenses (with receipts!) as you are getting started, these are business expenses that you’ll want to have properly documented when tax time comes around.

        There are a lot of reviews available, and lots of opinions based on features, pricing, etc. – what matters is that you pick one, and use it consistently. If your books don’t match what’s going on with the business, you are going to have problems later, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to deal with it from the start.


        Once you have the paperwork from the company being created, you can open the business bank account. If possible, you’ll want to link this directly to the account software that you use, to ensure that all your books are accurate. Many banks offer no-cost or low-cost small business banking accounts, though you may find it to be easier to work with a bank that you already have a personal account with.

        Banks vary in what documentation they require, but it’s likely that they will require some document from the business that allows you to create an account on behalf of the business. There are many free templates available for this, and if you use a service to create the company, they will often include it as part of their package.


        If possible, you should consider getting a credit or charge card for the business; as it’s a new business, it will likely depend on your personal credit, which is something that’s important to remember. This will make it easier to keep business-related expenses separate from personal expenses; which makes it easy to keep your books current, and ensures that everything is being recorded properly.

        As with any credit card, it’s important that there is enough money coming in so that the bills are paid, and paid on time. It’s easy to get in trouble by over spending early on, buying nice-to-have items that aren’t critical to operations. During the early days, even if you have the credit available to buy it, unless you can’t avoid the expense, don’t buy it!

        Using a charge card instead of a credit card (such as the American Express Gold Card) can help keep this spending in check, as the full balance is paid each month – this limits spending, as you can’t spend if you don’t have the money to pay for it at the end of the month.


        At a minimum, you need to purchase liability insurance before you take on your first client, to ensure you are protected in case anything goes wrong. Some clients will require proof of liability insurance as part of their on-boarding process, anywhere from $1MM to $5MM in coverage is commonly requested. For a company just starting, $1MM may be the best option in terms of coverage and price.

        During the course of an engagement with a client, anything could happen, and you need to protect the business and yourself. Having this insurance in place will help in the event one of your clients turns around and sues you.


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        As part of normal business, there are a number of documents that will be needed. This is a few of the most critical, though you will quickly begin adding to the list:

        • Master Service Agreement (MSA) – This is the document that sets all of the basic terms that apply to your dealings with a client. It will often be negotiated and revised, and is typically included by reference in all of the SOWs that you send to a client. This has important legal impact and should be reviewed by an attorney.
        • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – While the MSA may include an NDA itself, it’s common that a mutual NDA will be needed before getting to the point that the MSA is signed. This is a must have. It should be noted that clients may provide their own NDA, though this often prevent you from disclosing their information, but doesn’t prevent them from disclosing anything that you have provided to them.
        • Contractor Agreement – As a small business, you will likely need to bring in additional help from time to time, this is an agreement that covers the work to be done, an NDA, security polices, copyright assignment, and the like. You may not need this immediately, but you will likely need it sooner than you would expect.


        A document that gets a special mention is a Security Policy; for a company with access to highly sensitive information, it’s important that you clearly define for that information will be protected. Where is data stored, what data is encrypted and how, how is email & chat secured, requiring that all devices use full disk encryption, etc. Some clients may ask for this, though even if they don’t, it’s something you need to ensure that you are taking all the right steps.

        If you suffer a breach, due to the sensitivity of the data involved, it could be the end of your business.


        There are a number of things that you need to do, if you haven’t already:

        • Have all of your agreements reviewed by your attorney, this includes your NDA, MSA, SOW, and the like.
        • Register a trademark on your company name and logo.

        This is a great time to also have your attorney answer any final questions you have, make sure that you and your partners are protected, and that everything is in order. Legal advice may be expensive – but it’s far cheaper to get the advice up front and fix issues before you find yourself paying far more to your attorney to defend you in a lawsuit.

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