Imagine a scenario where an armed intruder enters a building and is IMMEDIATELY IMMOBILIZED, temporarily blinded, and brought to his/her/their knees. The would-be perpetrator’s ability to harm is NEUTRALIZED for between 1 and 2-hours, plenty of time for the police to arrive and take control of the situation. Imagine achieving all of this without exposing yourself, your employees, or your customers to danger; and without the use of firearms. CINTINC’s Neutralizr system does just this.

Neutralizr Active Home Defense System

As the name implies, a “stand-off” countermeasure (The Neutralizr™) permits you to engage an active home defense or business defense system to neutralize a threat from a position of safety. Eliminating a threat means, deterring, stopping, and/or neutralizing him/her/them; doing so without risk to an innocent person requires a stand-off active defense system. Non-lethal force countermeasures capable of incapacitating a threat and immobilizing him/her until the police arrive to secure the suspect and the scene is an effective, affordable means to stop ANY intruder bent on harm, WITHOUT running the risks of physically confronting an assailant.

Our Neutralizer system stops a threat in less than 2 seconds since activation from your smartphone.

Active Home Defense and Active Business Defense Systems | Neutralizr

Neutralizr Is Also an Active Business Defense System

CINTINC’s™ Neutralizer™ system (patents pending) is integrated into a home, facility, office, house of worship, or government building. The Neutralizer incorporates a variety of countermeasures, any one of which is capable of deterring or incapacitating one or more people for as long as needed until help arrives.

Neutralizr Uses Non-Lethal Forces

Non-lethal force does not involve firearms or explosives. Non-lethal force is safe to use and does not pose any serious, long-term risk to the health and well-being of a targeted person. In so doing, this limits the exposure to liability incurred from otherwise using lethal force measures, or simply permitting the gunman to continue through with his/her nefarious plan.

Access Neutralizr From Anywhere

CINTINC’s™ Neutralizer™ system is controlled from one or more safe locations, typically installed in a Shield-in-Place Sanctuary (a CINTINC trademark and proprietary system) and part of a client’s overall security strategy.