Cintinc Neutralizr Safely Disables Threatening Actors and Other Criminals for Law Enforcement to Safely and Conveniently Apprehend

Neutalizr does what others cannot do. Other companies offer seminars or armed guards in the hope of discouraging an attack or theft. Our Cintinc Neutralizr system safely stops any assailant or thief using non-lethal force.

Whether it is an active shooter at a school, a smash-and-grab at a mall, or a violent employee, the Cintinc Neutralizr system drops a threat to the ground and renders him incapacitated for up to 2-hours – plenty of time for law enforcement to arrive – and without confronting the intruder. Don’t rely on passive security plans or counseling to prevent an attack or theft. Hope is not a plan. Installing the Cintinc Neutralizr system is quick, easy, and more affordable than an armed guard. It is real security, 24-hours a day, no monthly fees or service plans, and you own it. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

When Violence Prevention Counseling Fails, the Cintinc Neutralizr is the Best Opportunity to Stop an Assailant in His Tracks

CINTINC’s Neutralizr system is easily installed in a ceiling or wall, usually at a key point of vulnerability such as the main entrance.

The system is easily activated by the press of a button. The system digitally records the event as evidence for use in prosecuting the attacker. Best of all, in no time you are back in business without having suffered an injury to employees or loss of assets. Non-lethal force is legal and requires no special permitting for ownership. No monthly fees or service contracts.

Saving lives and avoiding injury or mayhem is the purpose of Cintinc Neutralizr.


Clients include: Businesses, Retailers, Schools, Religeous Organizations:

  • Stopping attacks, neutralizing threats to prevent injury or damage
  • Securing the safety of people – giving peace of mind to clients
  • Shield-in-Place, ballistic-shielding technologies for safety and security until the “all clear”
  • Active, dynamic non-lethal force countermeasures to immediately neutralize any assailant
  • Threat and Risk Assessments to mitigate vulnerabilities, bolstering you safety and security
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CINTINC Products and services:

  • Shield-in-Place (bullet-proof partitions, walls, and furniture)
  • Active Defense System stand-off, counter measures (Cintinc Neutralizr) to stop an attack and neutralize a threat. All Cintinc Neutralizr systems are non-lethal but extremely effective
  • Threat Assessments and Risk Assessments with Active Shooter/Active Threat Response Plans
  • Other special services as may be required