Another Mass Shooting at a SchoolMass Shootings are on the Rise

“How to stop an active shooter?” has become a question in the attention again as an active attack occurred this morning (May 11, 2021) at Rigby Middle School in Rigby, Idaho. Three people were shot during the attack, and the shooter is in custody.

Two students and one staff member suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to multiple reports. The injured were taken to local hospitals.

The suspected gunman is a female 6th grader, reports local news stations. The suspect and the motive have not been identified.

CNN reports that the suspect pulled a handgun out of her backpack and started shooting in a hallway at the school before going inside. A math teacher reportedly disarmed the suspect and held her until police arrived and took her into custody.

The shooting is unusual because, approximately 18% of school shootings happen at middle schools, but most of the shooters are older teens. Middle school shootings are more typically carried out by older students or former students.

Students at the school were evacuated to a nearby high school to be reunited with their parents. Multiple law enforcement agencies were on the scene.

According to news sources, the community of Rigby has started a GoFundMe and other donation accounts to help the victims of the shooing, reports.

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How To Stop an Active Shooter?

This year America seems to be rocked by almost daily reports of active shooters in schools, a business, a public place. In addition to the shooting in Idaho, we are sad to report that in Chicago, from Friday to Sunday night (May 7-9), 19 people were shot (Chicago Sun-Times). That is not the number of shootings, but the number of people shot. For the last several months, the volume of active shooter events and “mass shootings” have INCREASED.

In the last few months alone, our country is averaging at least one mass shooting a day (the shooting of two or more people in one “event”). Many of the mass shootings fail to make it to national news but some, like the Times Square shooting, make national and international news.

With the rapid rise in gun violence in general, many people are asking, “How do I protect myself?” “How do I protect my family and business?” “How to stop an active shooter?” See FBI resources. The most important question of all is, “How can I PREVENT a shooting?”

At CINTINC, we believe we can stop an active shooter BEFORE they fire the first shot. We believe we can stop a shooter BEFORE a mass shooting gets underway. We can protect you. We can protect your family. We can protect your business.

The nature of our society today makes it difficult and risky to defend one’s home or business with a firearm. Worse, if the defender does not have “reasonable cause” to fire at an assailant, the defender can expect to be charged with a crime. (See our series on “Non-lethal Force” for more information.)

CINTINC’s Neutralizr system is a non-lethal means of disarming and stopping a person intent on gun violence against you or your family. With the Neutralizr, you can stop the attacker without putting yourself in the line of fire of the gunman. Once the active shooter is hit by the Neutralizr, he’ll stay down for an hour or more, long enough for the police to arrive and take him into custody.

With mass shootings on the rise, with state and local governments stripping people of traditional means of defense, a non-lethal defense system is essential for your safety and security. Communities prosper only when people are safe, physically and emotionally. From home security systems to commercial security systems, CINTINC serves all industries and can design devices tailored to particular needs. Learn more on CINTINC™ Neutralizer™ and the people we serve.