CINTINC, maker of the Neutralizr – the world’s first virtual security guard – is pleased to announce that a national faith-based organization is adopting the Neutralizr to augment its existing systems and secure its congregants, staff, and facilities. The Neutralizr will soon be installed in facilities in the greater-Dallas area and is expected to be installed throughout the organization’s entire network in Texas.

Asked to comment about the news, Mr. Craig Stevens, CEO of CINTINC said, “I am honored and gratified they entrust us with their safety. Our work with the Department of Homeland Security certainly played a role in their decision, but in the end, it is the effectiveness and reliability of the Neutralizr that convinced them to select us”.

When asked what this announcement means for CINTINC, Mr. Stevens said, “We see the Neutralizr as the key component to any effort in suppressing and stopping domestic terror attacks and active shooters before they start. The rapid increase in violent crime, and the targeting of peoples of faith as they worship is a disturbing trend and we are determined to restore peace-of-mind to people as they worship.”

Parties interested in purchasing the Neutralizr may contact CINTINC at [email protected] or by calling (318) 349-4998