Are you working on improving your safety plans and integrating Neutralizr into your security?

Neutralizr is available to schedule to meet with you to provide a free demonstration and information on a plan for you with a quote on the security system installation. The summer season brings thoughts of warm weather and a nice break to many, but it is our busy season of installing systems as our schools prepare for the coming school year. We’d love to be able to plan and make sure we can include all of you in our scheduling.

Neutralizr would like to thank all of the schools and businesses that have partnered with us and are striving to make their spaces safer. We really enjoy working with our clients as we all learn and develop the best practices to better protect what we all love and cherish. We are working to make a difference in how we can respond to an active shooter or violent event within your buildings.

Security System Installation in Summer 2021

Security System Installation For Schools, Homes, and Businesses

Most agree that we need a layered approach to safety from access control to door barricades to monitoring systems and awareness programs, and our innovative communications with defense add an essential layer for when the unthinkable happens. We want to help you be prepared and ready to make decisive decisions (from lockdown & shelter in place to evacuate or for those in harm’s way to fight back to simply strive to get away alive) because making decisions quickly and taking action to direct students helps to save lives.

Our patent-pending system works to save time by getting help on the way to you as early as possible in a security breach event while providing non-lethal active defense to debilitate the perpetrator making apprehension easy for arriving law enforcement officers. Our proven effective disorienting and debilitating active device is non-lethal and easy to use by just about anyone with a smartphone. Saving time, and neutralizing the threat saves lives.