Active Defense System is indispensable for homes and businesses. Threat assessments and risk containment plans are necessary to any serious security plan. However, a threat assessment and risk containment plan, by themselves, must also include an active home defense system or an active business defense system. 

A threat assessment reveals essential facts about vulnerability and a risk containment plan established the necessary steps to deter, mitigate, or avoid threats. Training is also an essential element of any plan and may save your life. However, these things do not, in and of themselves, stop an intruder, attacker, or active shooter.

Active Defense System is Indispensable for Homes and Businesses

These are uncertain times. Many people in America are purchasing firearms to protect themselves and their families. Firearm sales are, lately, at near-all-time highs. Those purchasing firearms for their protection are well-advised to seek professional training on the use and safety precautions necessary for any firearms owner. Additionally, considerable thought is advised before purchasing a weapon given the almost knee-jerk reaction of district attorneys of arresting people who merely seek to defend themselves; know the law in your jurisdiction before you buy; know your rights. If necessary, consult a local attorney about your rights and the risks of firearm ownership in your area.

If you prefer an extremely effective, non-lethal, non-liable solution, the Cintinc Neutralizr is your answer. Affordable, effective, and active to disable the perpetrator while law enforcement is on its way. Operates safely and effectively from your smartphone.