non-lethal defense system is essential for your safety and security. Communities prosper only when people are safe, physically and emotionally. From home security systems to commercial security systems, Neutralizr serves all industries and can design devices tailored to particular needs.

What Is the Most Effective Non-Lethal Personal & Property Defense Weapon on the Market Today?

Most effective” would likely be very different than “most practical”.

As an example, a spear is a terrific weapon. Better than any sword, capable of lethal strikes with the point or less-than-lethal strikes with the shaft or butt…

Better range than most other non-lethal “impact” weapons….

But, not exactly practical. Try to get on a bus with one. Or carry one in your compact car….. Liability could become a real issue.

Hence, practicality, useability, and user emotional comfort and convenience while considering personal liability become paramount in establishing true effectiveness and practicality. In order to be effective, you actually have to have the device available to use and to use quickly.

Most effective vs. Most Practical

Often, security professionals will respond to “what is effective” in a non-lethal protection device by answering: “in your mind” or “apologies” or “situational awareness” or diffuse the situation, all, the way to “get out of the way and hope or pray”…. All fine, in many circumstances. But not in all situations.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Criminals or deranged persons are known to simply attack people without warning and no attempt at “defusing” the situation will be effective. Therefore our studies revealed that situational awareness may be helpful but far from foolproof.

In essence, situational awareness and diffusing may be effective for playground stuff… Or “bar fights” or similar things, but not for life-or-death situations.

If you’re limited to “non-firearm” weapons…. What do you do if someone is shooting at you?

Non-Lethal Defense Is The Answer

Most people are not willing to put in the time and training to become truly effective fighters… Or to master various kinds of weapons whether lethal or non-lethal.

A flashlight might momentarily blind an attacker (I’ve done this myself) but this is very much momentary… What are you going to do next? You might hit the attacker with the flashlight and run for cover.

A civilian strength Taser is a one-shot weapon… What if there are two attackers? Tasers do not have a high-reliability reputation. And you have to be close to the attacker. Lots of things can go wrong.

The current best choices for non-lethal defense for the civilian who’s unable to carry a firearm are:

1) pepper spray. If you get the good stuff, the kind that law enforcement carry, it’s effective, easy to use, and carries hardly any legal liability. Your chances of harming an attacker to the extent that they need medical treatment are very small. But again, you must be very close to the enemy.

2) Impact weapon that you can legally carry… Specifically a cane or a baton. In order to be effective, you need to train to know how to use it. There are many specific methods of fighting with canes and batons that you must be trained for…

Neutralizr Is the Most Effective & the Most Practical Active Non-Lethal Defense Device

All of the above possibilities are very interesting but not likely to be adopted nor embraced by average people who simply desire to be safe and avoid physical harm. To establish the “most effective” and “most practical” active defense device, Cintinc conducted years of intruder and assailant studies as well as victim behavioral studies to establish the most practical and efficient security/protection device. Unlike cameras that merely record actions, Cintinc developed, in the Neutralizr, a security device that actually captures and temporarily debilitates the intruder or assailant. Further, Cintinc learned that average people want to stay as far away as practical to the enemy.

The results of our studies at Cintinc revealed a fixed unit or units at ideal locations on property is easily capable of repelling and temporarily disorienting and neutralizing an intruder, burglar or assailant. This system was hands down the most effective, especially when equipped with a high-resolution camera and the ability to be activated against the intruder/assailant in seconds via smartphone application.

Neutralizr Enhances Your Safety

Neutralizr is the only non-lethal defense device that truly captures the assailant for law enforcement to easily apprehend. Average debilitation of assailant subjected to Neutralizr’s effects is 45 minutes, allowing ample time for law enforcement to arrive. All this without ever getting close to the perpetrator.